Tainted Energy: Excerpt #2


“Tonight, when you kissed me…you meant it this time. I know it. I felt it.” I held my breath, afraid of his reply.

He massaged my shoulders and bent to whisper in my ear, his lips just touching my lobe. “I meant it.”

His voice, so rich, made me warm and shy at the same time. That was exactly the answer I needed. “I dreamed about you. From the time I was little, I thought you were my hero. And when you jumped in my window that night? I knew it. I’ve known you my entire life because you’ve been a part of me.” I tapped my heart. “Right here.”

His fingers stopped kneading the spot between my shoulder blades. “Impossible. Teenesee said your past lives might–”

Shaking my head, I turned around, his face a sheet of white. “No, Tarek. My mind…it’s fine.”
He opened his mouth, but my palm covered his lips. “I don’t wanna hear there’s no such thing as fate or a higher power or any other scientific bullshit logic. I knew your eyes would be gray when I saw you in the woods. I knew your dimples would show when you smiled.”

He moved to uncover his mouth, keeping my hand in his. “Do you realize what you’re saying? No one has…you shouldn’t have remembered anything.”

The excitement from being in Empyrean mixed with all the tingling his touch caused had my doubts shutting down. At that moment, when he looked at me…he saw me. “Yeah, well I did. And you’ll tell me what you saw, and explain what Zander has to do with all this, but not tonight. Tonight, just be with me. Me.”

The gray in his eyes shined like silver as he traced a line down my cheek. “Lena…”

I stood on my toes and touched my lips to his.

That was all the permission he needed.



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