NaiNei’s Adventure by Olivia Vroman

Hi, everyone! My eleven-year-old daughter wrote a wacky little story and asked that I share it with all of you. Please read her silly story and give her a word or two about it. She’ll be watching!


NaiNei’s Adventure by Olivia Vroman

NaiNei’s Adventure

NaiNei couldn’t believe it. He was going home! As he boarded the Elf Express, something was weird about the pilot…

It was Lord Elfmort!

To be honest, NaiNei wasn’t very bright, so he just said, “Have a good day!”

Lord Elfmort smiled evilly.

“Huh,” NaiNei thought. “He has a very nice smile.” He smiled back and sat down.

At seat 666.

“Wow!” he shouted. “My favorite number!” What a lucky day!

An hour into the flight, Lord Elfmort looked out the window into a crazy goat’s eyes and sent him after NaiNei.

NaiNei gasped as an evil, crazy goat riding a pineapple crashed into the plane several times!

Lord Elfmort smirked before jumping out of the plane. He joined the crazy pineapple goat on his radical unicorn jetpack.

The plane dipped as it crashed into Australia’s ocean. It reached the lost city of Atlantis and NaiNei saw a redheaded mermaid signing a contract with a fat octopus lady.

“Sorry, wrong house,” NaiNei said. NaiNei got on his seahorse and trotted away.


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