Tainted Energy Excerpt: Line Seven, Page Seventy-Seven

I was tagged by the lovely, Angela McPherson, to write seven lines from my current WIP from page page 7 or 77, starting at line 7. Here’s a tiny glimpse of Tainted Energy (pg. 77):

“Yes, Lord. I won’t, Lord. I will, Lord.” He sat in his chair with the two of us kneeling in front of him as he talked to someone inside that mushy head of his. When he released our hands, I pushed off my knees and helped Mom from hers, giving her a hug before heading to my room.

“’Night, Dad,” I said with a wave.

He held up a shaky hand. “’Night, peanut.”

I almost felt sorry for him.

*I’m tagging my talented critique partner, Jadah McCoy, to give seven lines from her incredible WIP.


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