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I’d like to thank super talented, Angela McPherson, for inviting me to join the Writing Process Blog Tour. Her awesome YA paranormal romance debut, HOPE’S DECREE, is now available, and I anxiously await the first book in her New Adult series, DISTRACTION, set for release this July. To find out what she’s up to, check out her blog, Facebook, and follower her on twitter.

What am I working on?
For the past few months I’ve been busy trying to figure out the whole marketing thing for my YA fantasy debut, TAINTED ENERGY (Energy Series, #1), set for release winter 2014, by Untold Press. The book centers on Lena, whose energy (soul) is reborn on Earth to live a not-so-great life as punishment for treason committed during her prior life in another world.

Also, I just finished the first draft of the second novel in the Energy Series and am now working to finish a YA contemporary project. This project centers on Macy, who finds first love only to discover her new girlfriend’s unstable brother has a crush on her, too. After that first draft is finished, I’ll be spending the rest of the year editing and rewriting.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Well, this is a hard question for me to answer. I write both fantasy and contemporary, and so there are different criteria I follow when writing in each genre. I’m sure this isn’t drastically different from others who write in these genres, but I try to make sure my characters are relatable to young people. My goal is no perfection—it’s boring and unrealistic.

Why do I write what I do?
Simple answer is I write what I loved to read. The more involved answer has to do with the age. Late teens into early twenties are when most people are trying to figure out who they are while going through all the crazy emotions that come along for the ride. Who wouldn’t want to delve into the minds of those characters?

How does your writing process work?
I must admit I never really map out anything. I’m a total pantser, which helps move along the first draft, but makes the editing and rewriting process tougher. However, while I’m writing, I always have another document open for when a plot idea comes to mind or a plot hole is found. My phone is also full of voice memos and notes for when I’m away from the computer.

One thing I’ve learned is, for me, editing while writing the first draft hinders the process. Not fixing things is hard, but fixing them before continuing takes up precious time. However, to get into the writing mood, I’ll read what I wrote the day before. If I find typos or a better word to describe something, I’ll change it. Though, in the back of my mind I always remember whatever I fix might not make it to the final draft. This helps to keep me from obsessing over every sentence. When I do begin editing, I rely on the document and phone notes full of plot ideas, along with different colors of highlighters and a yellow notepad.

Here are three lovely ladies posting next week:

Jadah McCoy is a paralegal for a large law firm in Nashville, TN. When not being accosted by grumpy court clerks, she can be found perusing the slush pile at Every Day Fiction or critiquing literary queries on her blog. You can also find out what Jadah is up to on twitter.


April Khaito is a writer based in Las Vegas, NV and working on her first novel. Once upon a time she wanted to be an architect until she realized that words often last longer than buildings–if they’re formed of sturdy construction and easily inhabitable by those seeking shelter in their pages. She has an accounting degree from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, but don’t hold it against her. The right and left brain aren’t so far apart. To find out more about April, check out her website and follow her on twitter.



Moshia’ Pen is the CEO of Moshia’ Pen Publications, the Author of “Reflectons: Enter the Mind of a Broken Butterfly”, and “Transmute: Use Your Pain”. She is the mother of 6 and a full time student at MDC working on her degree in English/Literature. She is an aspiring Metaphysician and a lover of all things natural.



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  1. Loved the post, Jadah – as a fellow pantster, I can totally relate. I also agree that it is much more productive to finish the draft before editing. I look forward to learning more about your work 🙂

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