Thank You


I did it. I realized a dream I’ve had since, well, forever. Things like that only happens to other people, but I’m not gonna question it. I’ll hang out with the other people for as long as they’ll have me.

And during this crazy ride I’ve been asked different versions of the same questions. Some asked the when do you become rich and famous question. Let me answer that now because I don’t have to think too hard. Um…never. I’m not a pessimist, but I am a realist. Any writer worth their weight will tell you it’s not for the money, fame…whatever. Good thing because there’s not a lot of either for most of us. Hell, we just want you to read our stories, people. That’s it. 

Others wondered how I managed to write an entire book. This isn’t my first attempt. It’s just the first I got right. Practice, trial and error, bad drafts and shit stories, you name it I’ve been doing it for a while. BUT, that’s not the answer to how I managed. Not really. The main reason I could write crap that eventually turned into some pretty good stuff is because I have people. Yup, people.

Writers are selfish. Let’s face it. The writing part is a one-person job, with hours spent in front of a screen. Interruptions suck. And I don’t know about other writers, but when I’m in the middle of drafting a new story or editing another, my mind is focused on the people living inside my head. Not the people living inside my house. Nothing glamorous about the job either. Showering is an afterthought when I’m on a roll, and yes, the teeth get neglected, too. Along with the teeth, family usually has to find ways to work around my schedule. Not an easy thing to expect from people who actually want to hang out with me.

And so it takes strong people to live with a writer. People who don’t demand you stop writing to fold the laundry. People who understand the passion, even if they don’t have it themselves. People who compensate for your forgetfulness not by cutting you out, but by sending text reminders, sticking notes on the fridge, and mostly, forgiving the many things a writer puts off to create a story. The best people are those who believe you got the stuff to make stories happen even when you doubt yourself. And you know what?

Those are my people.

So, to Steve, Tori, Katie, Olivia, and Rhys, thanks for being my people. I love you, I love you, I love you.

And to all you writers out there, give your people props, too. You couldn’t do what you love if you didn’t have the people who love you.


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